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March 2017

The Protector (Trish Wilcox BPE3*)


Mud and Dust (Mel Harris)

February 2017

Chilean Blue Eagle Owl (Richard Hull)


Is There No Privacy Here? (Mel Harris)

January 2017

Dumped Truck (Cliff Marsh LRPS)


Tea with Barbie (Jo Kelly)

Turkmanian Eagle Owl (Richard Hull)

December 2016

Compassion (Trish Wilcox BPE2*)

Determination (Richard Hull)


At Rest in Dreamland (Richard Hull)

November 2016

Deep water Swimming (John Band)


Red Dragon in Station (John Band)

Lanner Falcon going for the Kill (Richard Hull)

October 2016

Time to Leave (John Band)



Waiting for the Moment (Cliff Marsh LRPS)


September 2016

Nick (Trish Wilcox BPE2*)


Astoria Megler Bridge (Roger Newark LRPS)



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