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March 2021

Windermere Winter (David Hodgson DPAGB BPE4*)


Waving Linesmen (John Band)

February 2021

Love Hate (Jo Kelly BPE2* QGP)


Beth (Jo Kelly BPE2* QGP)


January 2021

I will Beat You (Jo Kelly BPE2* QGP)


Entering the Eye (Roger Newark LRPS CPAGB)

December 2020

Bold (Cliff Marsh LRPS)

Early Shift (Roger Newark LRPS CPAGB)


Waiting (Jo Kelly BPE2* CPG)

November 2020

That Certain Look (Richard Hull)


Six Spot Burnet (David Hodgson DPAGB BPE4*)

October 2020

Breakout (Cliff Marsh LRPS CPAGB)


Too Quick for You! (Pat Ringham LRPS CPAGB)

Coming Out Again (David Hodgson DPAGB BPE4*)



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