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Judged by Ray Kimberley

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Dusty Corner (Mel Harris)

Overall Winner of the Owen Driver Shield

The Partnership (Richard Hull)

Splashing in the River (John Band)

Natural History

The Attack (Richard Hull)

Marbled White Butterfly on Scabious (Mel Harris)

Garden Robin in Song (Pat Ringham LRPS)

Hanging Blue Tit (Albert Horton)

People & Portrait 

Put 'Em Up (Jo Kelly)

Take Him to the Tower (Mel Harris)

I Will Remember Them (Chris Ley)

Open (Colour)

At Full Power (Mel Harris)

If You Go Down to the Woods Today .. (Mel Harris)

The Old Mack (Roger Newark LRPS)

Open (Monochrome

Two Peugeots (Roger Newark LRPS)

Silhouettes (Roger Newark LRPS)

Alone in Nowhere Land (Richard Hull)


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