December 2023

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Judged by Club Members
Projected First Projected Seconds

Barn Owl in Flight (John Aveyard)

A Right Good Soaking (John Aveyard)

Cricket Run Out (David Hodgson DPAGB BPE4*)

I Love You Mum (Pat Ringham LRPS CPAGB)


SR71 Blackbird (Roger Newark ARPS CPAGB QPSA BPE2*)

Vagrant Darter (Nigel Lucas)

The Rainbow Express (Pat Ringham LRPS CPAGB)


Phyllobius pomaceus - Weevils Mating (Mel Harris)

Print Firsts

Hawthorn Shield Bug (Mel Harris)

Air Sea Rescue and Spitfire (Roger Newark ARPS CPAGB QPSA BPE2*)

Riding the Wave (Mel Harris)



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